Migpro PowerShot v.1.2 (Update)

Migpro PowerShot have been launched some days ago in Freezer Forum. There is greeting enthusiastically, there is also inveighing. Up to them will assess be like what is.
Forgiveness, I don't try in detail version ago so that I don't know there are some technical mistakes in it. For this second version, besides improve;repairing technical mistake, there is change layout and addition of function send text button.

Honestly, I am not expert on computer ora programmer. I recognize Visual basic first time when trying to to make Migpro PowerShot. So that if many mistakes, hope to be tolerated.

What’s new :
1.Form is smaller than old version.
2.Auto arrange migpro original.
3.Button to send the text to chatroom.
4.Can change the team swiftly because you can save 3 groups id which you have. You only load your ids which have kept then keep again.

Note about send text buttons :
The buttons are Only send : just for depressing button send in migpro. Copy+Send : copy the text to texfield migpro and send it. Clear : delete text from textfield. Because only using mouse record so bad result when used first time, but for second usage and so on will be more good.
May be you feel that mouse record for this menu not quickly. Yap, I put time out at jitbit not at value 0 but 3. Initially I put down 0 and I try MPS at computer with standar VGA and memory. Its result is well enough. But when I try at computer with high memory VGA including its RAM, mouse record don't work better, so I have to lessen its value. You can make record better, compiled become exe file and put it at folder ....\ mouse_rec\.....

Description :
a. Keep username list
> This application is designed to login maks. 15 id or less. Its purpose to avoid less vote when room exceed the normal capacities.
> Write at textfield " Username list" alternately.
> Write password at textfield " Pass".
Note : All id have to same password
> Write the name chatroom which wish to be entered at textfield " Room"
> Click "Save" to keep your id.

b. Login Id
> Beside column list user there are buttons of 01-15. Each your id have one button as according number at column " Username list".
> Click one button to login 1 id.
> If you wanna login concurrently, click " Login All" button.
> If you wanna close concurrently, click " Close All" button.

c. Choice model Migpro
> This application there are 3 choice Migpro the can be used.
1. Locked: redesign migpro with smaller form without " Send Text" with auto arrange facility .
2. Unlocked, Migpro modify without menu " Send Text" and auto arrange
3. Original: Migpro with " send text" and added facility send text button.

d. Target
> At column "Target List" provided 10 places to fill 10 ids which wish you kick.
> Under list there are knob of 01-10, this function as button for choose and also save your target. Button of 01-10 showing number each target.

e. Start the action kick
> After your spy id enter and have written your target, now this moment to start the kick action without shadow.
> Draw the long breath, concentration and make calm the mind.
> After sure with your target, click number button according to your target choice then click the kick button.
> Repeat this part till your targets finished by your kick.
> Remember : speed become the important matter at this part.
- Save 1,2,3 : keep your ids, password and chatroom for group id 1, 2 and 3
- Clear : delete the data at line id, pass and room without vanishing the data in configuraton.
- Load 1,2,3 : reopen the data group id 1, 2 and 3 which have ever been on file.
- 01-15 ( at username list frame): login 1 id in sequence username list.
- Login All: login id concurrently
- Close All: close id concurrently
- Clear Target : delete target list
- 01-10 ( under Target list): keep the target wishing to kick in sequence column " target list".
- Kick: command to kick the targets.
- Enter: command to enter chatroom
- Leave: command to leave room.
- Only Send : command to press Send Text button at migpro.
- Write+Send : comand to copy & paste text also send text at the same time. This comand walk, you have to type message at migpro 01 first.
- Clear : button to delete text at migpro 01 - 15.

Thanks dedicated to:
-Vortex, mcc author for death code.
- All kickers which like and use MPS.
- All members of Ultimate Alliance Semarang [http://ultimate.wen.ru]
[george_the_cool, panix_55, yuansniper, r4zors, tin_k, arnol, yoga_b2x, caesarrr_55, bip_07 and all]
- All members of Mig33java Forum
- All members of Freezer Forum
- Ngajogjakarta room, my lovely community.
- And all who kows me in mig33 world.

Would you please download this application HERE


  1. Masih banyak bug pada versi ini. Ada yang bisa lancar namun ada juga yang tersendat. Mohon maaf. Mudah-mudahan aku bisa memperbaikinya secepat mungkin.
    Sambil menunggu reparasi, silakan menggunakan versi ini.

    Bug hanya terdapat pada penggunaan tombol sendtext. Alternatifnya, Anda bisa membuat record sendiri karena migpro sudah tersusun otmatis.
    Selamat Mencoba.

  2. Karena banyaknya bug pada versi ini, mohon maaf link downloadnya saya hapus sementara sambil menunggu versi update yang lebih fix.

    terima kasih.

  3. yahh lagi lagi socket error lagi bro..kayak dulu..nick kamu apa yaa??