Light fixtures

This time I’ll write (short) about lamp, yup lamps. This tool is very important. We must thanks to Thomas Alpha Edison who finding this tool. Can you amagine if in the night there was no lamp or light?

Have you know about lamp or light fixtures? All I can say there’s many. Would you know it?.

Based on source, there are two kind of lamp:

A. Fire lamp:

1. Oil lamp
2. Lamp of Kerosene
3. Lamp of Davy
4. Gas-Light
5. limelight.

B. Electric light

1. Lamp
2. Fluorescant lamp
3. lamp of arc

Electric light which is contain 3 kind, in reality there’s many kind like:

1. chandeliers
2. home lighting
3. lighting fixtures
4. bathroom light fixtures
5. kitchen light fixtures

Based on location, there are:

home lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, landscape and outdoor lighting, utility and specialty lighting.

More about light fixture you can search light fixtures.

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