Add Favicon To Blogger

What is a favicon?

A favicon is simply a little mini graphic that appears in the tab box of your browser. Does it help you in regards to SEO? Nope but it does make that ugly Blogger image disappear and gives your blog a little uniqueness.

Adding a favicon is actually really simple and any technically challenged person can do it in a matter of a few minutes.

The first thing you will need is a picture to be used and have it uploaded on your computer. Keep the photo under 1MB in size.

Next go to this site. Free Favicon Generator

You will see the tool shown in the image below. (click all images to enlarge)

Hit the browse button and find the photo you want used stored on your computer.

Once you have selected the desired photo just click the upload button. This will create and store a .ico photo on the server used by the tool. An .ico extension is for windows icon.

You will now see the following screen.

Just cut and paste the code in the lower box into your Blogger Template.

In Blogger;

Go to Layout - Edit HTML - Expand Widget Template - You will see a version of the screen below.

Insert code just above the < /head > tag, click Save Template and you are done. Your photo will now show up in the tab on your browser when your site is loaded.


  1. Thanks for this tutorial. It was my first task on my bloggiesta list.